TOP 7 Courses To Do In Lockdown


TOP 7 Courses to Do in Lockdown | VERY HELPFUL

Spend your time productively to become the best version of yourself!

1. The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2020

2. Beginner to Pro in Excel: Financial Modelling and Valuation

3. The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1

4. Social Media Marketing MASTERY

5. MySQL for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

6. Hands-On Python & R In Data Science

7. Learn to Sell Anything by Grant Cardone

These are the 7 Epic productive courses to do while quarantined in lockdown to use this time and better yourself.

What experts say to do side by side with these courses:

As much as you want to start taking up certain certifications and brush up some skills, feel that it’ll be better to one up the game already, plus building up such stuff never hurts at any point.
Understand, that this is the time you could spend maximum time with your family. Help your mom, fight with your siblings and love them back, tell your dad things you have never been able to tell, whatever waggish bloopers you make, small adorable actions you wish to take, we say, You do it. Do it all now.

We aren’t saying things will get ghastly, but we are saying that it would be a drastic change in events, in your everyday course of action.

So, make them a good cup of tea, or coffee or in some cases a good strong 60 ml. And sit with them and talk. Pick up a book or two and try and understand the feel of it. Always remember, MBA is not just to make you get good packages, but to make you wonderful leaders who feel things. They are practical, but take decisions keeping in perspective what’s for the better good. “Business people are ruthless”, well yes. That’s the usual thought process. But do we really need that sort of business people? We’d rather need to build up managers and leaders who understand people and situations and then take actions. And for that, you need to feel things right, start with your own circle. Your family, your friends.
Keep your vibes positive.
Do what makes you feel Alive
And let everyone around you feel your Aura , Nothing but Love

Stay safe😷


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