Remove China Apps-How to Use [Apk Provided]

Remove China Apps

Remove China Apps is developed by OneTouch AppLabs Which is a Jaipur-based company.

The application helps you to delete all the Chinese applications from your smartphone. It was currently the top free app available on Google PlayStore. But now it was by Removed by Google PlayStore. The ‘Remove China Apps’ app has a simple UI interface that scans an individual’s smartphone.

The software of the app detects any made in China application and notifies a user instantly. If the user wishes to uninstall the Chinese apps, they can simply click on uninstall and it will easily delete all China-based apps completely. The size of the application is just 3.8 MB. Remove China Apps is safe and it can run on any device with Android 4.0.3 and above.

Google Playstore recently removed ‘Remove China Apps’. But we have provided the link below to download the apk.

How to use ‘Remove China Apps’?

Step 1: Download the application By Clicking on the button.

Step 2: Open the application and Tap on Scan now to find china based apps installed on your Android phone.

Remove China Apps Home Screen

Step 3: The app will scan the installed apps on your phone and list the Chinese apps that it finds.

Step 4: If you want to remove any of the listed apps, tap the “Delete” icon next to the app’s name.

Remove China Apps Delete App

Step 5: “Remove China Apps” will then delete the app from the phone.

Remove China Apps has been doing the rounds on the Internet with a single purpose, it helps you remove Chinese apps from your Android Smartphone. The app was released on Play Store on May 17 and has gathered over a million downloads ever since. It claims that it can automatically detect apps that originate from China and offer the user an option to uninstall those apps from their phones.

The latest app comes at a time when Indians are riding high on anti-China sentiments due to a political dispute between two nations and also the push by Prime Minister of India to do away with Chinese products by going vocal for local. As a result, the Indian populace has been finding ways to boycott Chinese products with many celebrities and individuals leading the forefront.


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