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HackerRank is a online coding platfrom where programmers from all over the world come together and solve various coding problems on various domains like algorithms, machine learning, or artificial intelligence, as well as to practice different programming languages . HackerRank is now providing free certifications on different technological skills and domains.

To get access of those certificates, follow the instructions given below:

Step 1 : Visit the link or search for HackerRank certification on google and click the first link.

Step 2 : Click on Login/Sign Up on top right side of page . Use your Google,LinkedIn,Github or Facebook account to login / sign up . You can also use your email-id to login.

hackerrank login and sign up page

Step 3 : After login , you will see the below interface and Here you will see the list of 6 Domain skills certification .

  • Problem Solving (Basic)
  • Problem Solving (Intermediate)
  • React (Basic)
  • JavaScript (Basic)
  • Python (Basic)
  • Java (Basic)
hackerrank free certification

Step 4 : For detailed info click on the particular domain . Let us choose the Python (Basics) Domain.

Step 5 : After clicking on particular domain , you find the information about it . But to complete the certification process successfully , you need to follow basic 4 steps , these steps can be seen clearly in below picture.

hackerrank free certification

Step 6 : Click on “proceed” button or “Take the HackerRank Skills Test” button.

Step 7 : You will visit the below page and here you have to update your profile info. Enter the necesssary details in all the required fields.Finally choose “Yes” option and click on proceed” button.

hackerrank free certification

Step 8 : Now you will see one interface , here just click on “Take Test”.

Step 9: Now you will see this below page. If you want to get familiar with environment , you can try the sample test . Sample test contains only one easy programming question which need to be solved in 1 hour time. Write your code , run all test cases and submit your code . Or you can try test directly . It will ask for confirmation , tick the checkbox and then click on “start test “.

hackerrank free certification

Step 9 : It will ask for 4 digit otp which you will receive on given mobile number.Enter the otp and proceed for exam.

hackerrank free certification

Step 10 : After this you will be redirected to your test page where you can attempt the questions. Actual test contains 2 easy programming questions , as shown below . Time period of test is 90 min ( 1.5 hours) . These are the questions that I got on my test . What all questions you got , comment down below . Are those similar to this or are they different , let us know .

hackerrank free certification

Step 11 : Write the code , run all test cases and finally submit the code . After you successfully attempt all questions , the below message will appear.

hackerrank free certification

Step 12 : Now you can explore for jobs , till then your test is being evaluated by HackerRank .

Step 13 : After 10-15 minutes , you will receive the mail of certification on your registered e-mail id . Just click on “View Certificate”.

hackerrank free certification

Step 14 : Congratulations !! You have successfully achieved your certificate.

Hackerrank certificate python basic

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