Steps to be followed for availing these free udemy courses:

Step 1: Remember you must have a Udemy account to avail this offer.If you don’t have one , check our blog on How to create a free udemy account .

Step 2: First you must Login to Udemy using your Udemy account.

Step 3: Find all the Udemy courses that you’d like to purchase from the below list.

Step 4: Click on the link given below the name of the course.

Udemy Python 3 Bootcamp 2020

Step 5: You’ll see that it’s a full price

Step 6: Scroll down and Click on Apply Coupon

Udemy Home Page

Step 7: Click on Apply Coupon and Enter a valid Coupon Code you will find below.

Udemy coupon

Step 8: Now Click on Apply

Udemy Coupon

Step 9: Click on Buy now

Udemy course payment

Step 10: It will Ask you pay full money. It could be Udemy Bug. Ignore the Page and press Back Button.

Udemy course enroll

Step 11: Now click on enroll now

Udemy Checkout

Step 12: Now at checkout page click enroll now

Udemy Course registration Sucessful

Step 13: Hooray Enjoy your Udemy course for Free.

33 paid udemy courses for free:

2. PMI-001 PMP V5 Initiation Certified Practice Exam

Coupon : PMI-001

3. Python 3 Bootcamp 2020

Coupon : VRTU17

4. Decoding the Recipe of Education and Skilling in 21st Century

Coupon : 5778C9F88CBA9B020554

5. Guide to interviewing for and landing any job in technology

Coupon : WELCOME

6. Learn About Safety Norms in Schools as a Priority

Coupon : 34D94B097E7658DEA0A4

7. FOREX L’ntroduction – Trader le forex de façon autonome

Coupon : FOREXFR1

8. Learn Google Photos

Coupon : TRY10FREE12

9. Learn Next.js

Coupon : TRY10FREE12

10. Learn Evernote

Coupon : TRY10FREE12

11. Introduction to Arduino


12. Learn Microsoft PowerApps

Coupon : TRY10FREE12

13. Learn Trello

Coupon : TRY10FREE12

14. Learn Microsoft Flow

Coupon : TRY10FREE12

15. Learn Google Forms

Coupon : TRY10FREE12

16. Learn Google Docs

Coupon : TRY10FREE12

17. Learn Advanced CSS3

Coupon : TRY10FREE12

18. Learn Gmail

Coupon : TRY10FREE12

19. The Complete Facebook Marketing Masterclass

Coupon : E14943FD2A085CA65675

20. Write An Effective Resume And Cover Letter In An Hour

Coupon : D32CC4A914887122DE80

21. Facebook Ads 101. Complete Facebook Ads and Marketing Course


22. Accounting Excel Corporation Comprehensive Prob-First Month

Coupon : 12A9C51F0C72523F9199

23. Partnership Accounting

Coupon : 89E4F8C2076EAD8C1AE8

24. TOEFL and IELTS Vocabulary Practice Test: All You Need to Pass

Coupon : 8599CB09CA364AB90867

25. Learn Persian (Farsi) language: speak, read, and write!

Coupon : 85650C0BC29BD0ABFC4F

26. Accounting for Corporations

Coupon : E78D9346B819E04BF34A

27. Accounting Excel Partnership Comprehensive Prob-First Month

Coupon : FBDCE0637B3EE4FBD19D

28. Sleep Relaxation Masterclass: Guided Meditation For Sleep

Coupon : 1C1092EE229D63420D5C

29. Accounting-Statement of Cash Flows

Coupon : 5379F2C56B9D9DBAC60C

30. Accounting-Bonds Payable, Notes Payable, Liabilities

Coupon : B69545B59BE5AE78A84F

31. Comprehensive PDF (Written) Corporation Accounting Problem

Coupon : 11F929F7C956620B2789

32. QuickBooks Pro Desktop 2020, 2019, and 2018 Start to Finish

Coupon : 85ED2BE81971B6D4E11D

33. Managerial Accounting / Cost Accounting

Coupon : F5475DEF1AD821EC6285

Bonus :

Image Recognition using CNN: Keras and TensorFlow in R Studio

Coupon : MAYFRE20

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